Etched Vinyl Image

Where the cost of sandblasted or etched glass is restrictive or removal of existing glass panels difficult, etched glass vinyl film is an alternative solution.

There are many etched glass vinyl films on the market and although not as decoratively pleasing as etched or sandblasted work they can provide simple solutions such as fully obscuring a window for security reasons or adding simple lettering to existing windows or doors.

The etched glass vinyl is applied in exactly the same way as sign producer's vinyl. After removing the protective backing, the vinyl adhesive side is lightly wet to allow manoeuvrability during positioning, it is then applied adhesive side down to the existing glass panel. To achieve a professional finish, a vinyl squeegee is used to remove retained water bubbles before trimming to size.

David Sidgwicks utilise professional sign vinyl cutters to produce a highly quality finished product no matter how complex the design.

David Sidgwicks can advise you on the different types of vinyl available as well as applying the vinyl on-site after production of your design.